Nike Kyrie 2 BHM


Release Date: January 18, 2016
Price: $120

The Nike Kyrie 2 will be releasing in a Black History Month colorway on January 18, 2016. The strap, laces and outsole features a vivid Pan African-inspired color palette, with custom geometric motifs. The Kyrie and BHM logo will be in blue while the insole has a statement that reads “The Power of One” in a unique style.

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Author’s Take

Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: Well, I guess we don’t need Nike’s official preview thanks this boatload of images for the Nike Kyrie 2 BHM. If there are any changes to the shoe, it will most likely be very minor since it’s only a few months away from release. I’m still not sold on the Kyrie 2 as a whole based on all the leaked pics because it has too much of a KD 4 vibe to it kind of like how the Kyrie 1 might as well have been called the Hyperfuse 2015. I am surprised to see Nike go with a multi-color vibe for their BHM collection after a few years of going with a more subdued take.

Andres Carrillo, News: I like how the graphic/print was only placed on the strap and not the entire shoe, it makes the shoe a lot more wearable.